Monday, 6 August 2012

What should I wear?

A few days ago, a lovely lady and future Nia student (she will join the class this weekend, yay!) sent me an email asking about what she should wear for Nia. Leggins, tracksuit, leotard, swimming costume? She made me laugh. And so I answered her with my standard "just wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water". How boring not what I should have said! What I really should have replied is "dress in whatever you feel fabulous, sexy, and most yourself, and it's comfortable to dance in". Because this is what I do.
When I started practising Nia, the clothes I wore to class were old t-shirts and faded leggins. What was the point of wearing beautiful things to get them sweaty and smelly? ( I do sweat in class, quite a lot). But the deeper I got into the practice, the more I wanted to feel, not just comfy, but beautiful and sexy. I wanted to sense my body moving and I wanted to be able to see how my shoulders rotated, my ribcage ondulated and my hips bumped. It wasn't a question of showing off, it was a celebration of my shape, whatever it may be; for me it was like saying to my body " You may have any shape you want, but you can move and dance and I am so grateful for you". And that, hiding underneath big, baggy t-shirts, wasn't going to happen. 
So I started changing how I dressed for class, and what a difference! I am not saying it changed how I am in my body, but it changed the quality of the dance making it bolder, more feminine, celebratory in a way. And I love it.

So next time I get asked what to wear to class, I will know what to say.

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