Tuesday, 1 May 2012

After the rain comes sun...

... and after a long day at work, sitting down at my desk, comes my Nia practice. And I can hear my body saying yes, finally, thank you! As my optometrist once (very wisely) said "Our eyes were not made to stare at computer screens all day long, but to look at mountains, trees, and stars"; so our bodies are not for being still, tied down to swivel chairs while the tension accumulates in our shoulders - so high they can almost touch your ears - and our legs are almost forgotten.
My body doesn't need much to be happy, a bit of love for my shoulder blades, my lower back and my neck and I feel so much more energised. I listen to what it has to tell me and what it needs, and then we move together, naturally.
Tomorrow I will start doing the bars for Passion, the Nia routine, after having played the music in the background and free danced stages 1-6 for three weeks. But that's tomorrow, now is time to look at the mountains, trees, and stars.

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